3PS Automation is pleased to announce that it is now offering customised training courses for BasicProgramming and Process troubleshooting for End lines, and through its associates, Alonso Consulting, Can line Process and Mechanical Training.

End Line Troubleshooting Training Programming/Electrical/Process

With our extensive experience of process and production support, we are able to offer on-site training courses for electrical maintenance staff to familiarise them with the software platforms necessary to support your PLCs and automated systems, and more specifically, how to utilise that software to troubleshoot problems with your equipment and make any necessary modification to the programs.

  • Physical limitations and factors that affect programming decisions. 
  • Troubleshooting tools and techniques
  • Upgrades and updates
  • Software and revision management
  • Timing and latency issues

We can cover all areas of your production process:

  • Shell Press and stock feed mechanisms
  • Shell handling systems (Synchronisers)
  • Conveying systems
  • Line Balancers
  • Compound liners
  • Conversion Presses
  • Bagging and palletising Systems
  • Machine vision and online quality equipment.

It doesnt matter if you are a new facility or an established plant looking to update the skills of your electrical maintenace staff.Speak to us about your requirements.

Can Line Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training.

In conjunction with our associates, Alonso Consulting, we are able to offer full maintenance and process training on all Can Line equipment. Our Associates, based in Brazil, have decades of global experience in the Installation, operation and maintenance of Can lines, both 2 and 3 piece, in a wide variety of sizes. Dedicated chemical engineers to cover washer and waste-water chemistry and metal coatings experts for inks and lacquers. Front end and back end engineering specialists.

All are ready to build and deliver a customised training package to suit your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements.