3PS offer a wide range of programming and automation services, be it Software /Firmware updates, Program Modifications, Process Integration, Commissioning or Troubleshooting. If you would like to learn more about how 3PS can help you realise your objectives, please contact us so that we can arrange to discuss your requirements in detail.

Programming / Automation Services:

3PS offer a wide range of programming and automation services, be it Software /Firmware updates, Program Modifications, Process Integration, Commissioning or Troubleshooting.

We have extensive experience with:

  • Siemens
    • Step 5
    • Step 7
    • WinCC
    • TIA Portal
  • Allen Bradley (Rockwell)
    • RS Logix 5
    • RS Logix 500 (Compact logix)
    • RS Logix 5000 (Now RSLogixStudio)
    • Panelbuilder 32
    • Factorytalk View Studio
  • Schneider Modicon
    • Quantum
    • Unity

Many existing production line have controls that are becoming increasingly difficult to support. 3PS offer an upgrade/migration service to keep the control systems of otherwise healthy equipment up-to-date.

  • Allen Bradley PLC5/SLC500 to Control Logix 5000
  • Siemens S7 to TIA

Control System Upgrades

With most process equipment, it's mechanical life significantly exceeds the supportable life of many components of its control system.

3PS can assist you with your planned obsolescence programme. By Modernising and updating the control systems of your equipment we can ensure that it continues to provide you with reliable and efficient service.

Be it a replacement HMI or a complete new control system, 3PS can deliver a fully integrated solution.

Process Equipment Integration.

Adding new or refurbished equipment to an existing line? 3PS are your ideal partner to assist in line integration, establishing the appropriate communication protocols between your equipment to ensure that your line runs with optimal efficiency.

System Maintenance

Ensuring that your PLC/Automation components are kept up to date with regard to Firmware has become an important part of keeping your line running smoothly. This includes your PLC Processors, Communication Cards, Variable Speed Drives, HMIs (Displays), Motion Controllers, etc. These firmware updates often include enhanced or new functionality and bug fixes.

If you do not have the in-house expertise to carry out this particular and crucial aspect of system maintenance, 3PS is happy to provide this service to you.

OEMs and Turnkey Project Teams

3PS are pleased to offer Programming, installation and commissioning support . Our expertise in installation and commisioning is available to help you deliver your project successfully.

Our experience and process knowledge can ensure that your equipment is not only installed and commisioned, but full integrated into the clients production line (At the clients request).

We have extensive experience in not only the installation and commissioning of equipment, but also the production process they are utilised in. 

Together, we can ensure the success of you projects and satisfaction of your customers.

Machine Vision Inspection Systems.

We have expert knowledge and experience of Pressco machine vision systems, and offer a full third party service on these systems.

System Maintenance / Audit

Full Optical cleaning and alignment (crucial to accurate inspection). Full cleaning and service of Processor rack / Vision Processor Module, including HD maintenance (File system). Part File Audit and system back-up.

Part File Optimisation

Machine vision image processing has a heirarchical structure. Before an image can be processed, its precise position and orientation must be Identified. 80% of false rejects can be attributed to a failure to accurately calculate the centre and orientation of the image.

3PS has the experience with these systems and your process variables to ensure a stable and accurate centring and orientation of the part image, before moving onto the actual inspections. With more than 25 years of experience with these systems, we can ensure minimal false rejects and minimal missed defects. We know precisely how these algorithms work and how best to utilise them. 


Our knowledge of these systems in a production environment is second to none. If your system is failing to inspect, missing parts, frozen or shutting down unexpectedly, 3PS can quickly identify the issue and (assuming spare part availability) quickly have your system up and running again.


3Ps can offer training for these systems based around your requirements, from Fundementals through to Advances programming and troubleshooting. We do not just show a few basic tasks, we equip your personnel with the the understanding to continue to advance their knowledge and abilites on these systems.

Legacy Systems (Interrogator)

For those clients still utilising the Pressco Interrogator systems, we have 25 years of experience with this equipment in a production environment.