3PS offer a wide range of Process  related services and support to assist you in realising significant gains in productivity and efficiency from your production lines. Should you wish to realise these gains, Contact us so we can discuss your requirements in detail. 

Process Improvements:

By analysis and optimisation of the control philosophy, it is possible to achieve significant gains in performance and efficiency of most process equipment with only software changes being necessary. However, software is only part of the story

Reduce Downtime, unnecessary stoppages, process spoilage/wastage? Speed up existing equipment? 3PS can assist you with that too, helping to identify bottlenecks, effects on ancillary equipment, potential software issues etc. ensuring that your planned increase in productivity is fully realised.

3PS can audit your line to identify the causes and help you eliminate them, be it with software or hardware modifications.

Our success with programming is predominantly due to our intimate understanding of your process and associated machinery. It is not possible to design a process to suit a program. The program must be written to suit the machinery and process.

"When your only tool is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail!" 

Fortunately, our toolbox is a little more diverse!

Many process constraints are not software related, however, 3PS can identify and eliminate many unnecessary physical constraints to your process. Talk to us, we can help, we will help!

Discuss your issues and requirements with us, we are committed excellence, both from ourselves and from your production lines. 

Process services / Start–up Support:

Specifically for Can Manufacturers.

With our strategic partnership with Alonso Consulting and Projects of Brazil, we can now offer full installation, start-up, process and training support globally including:

  • Project Management
  • Line Control and Integration
  • Front End Mechanical Engineer
  • Back  End Mechanical Engineer
  • Process Chemical Engineer (Washer, Water treatment)
  • Material Coatings Engineer (Internal Spray, Decorator, Ink Room).

If you are starting up a new line, or wish to take the speed and efficiency of your existing line to the next level, talk to us, we can help you achieve your goals.

Process services / Start–up Support:

Specifically for End Manufacturers

New Installation, New Plant? However skilled your production/maintenance team may be, there is a period of unfamiliarity, where your production team are not familiar with the new equipment or process. 3PS can assist your team through this stage by working with them to familiarise them with the process and with troubleshooting procedures. This is often an area where even the OEM service engineers can offer only limited help, as they may be intimately familiar with a machine, but not with the process and associated variables.

3PS can offer specifically tailored support and training packages to suit your needs. We can provide electrical training and process support for :

Shell Systems:

  • Redicon
  • Stolle
  • Formatec (Minster and Bruder presses)
  • CDL (Minster and Bruder presses)

Compound Liners:

  • Figgi
  • Preferred
  • Stolle
  • Custom Machines

Line Balancers:

  • Fleetwood  (BWCS)
  • Sardee
  • NSM
  • NPB

Conversion Presses:

  • Stolle (Minster and Bruder presses)
  • DRT (Minster presses)

Conveying Systems:

  • Fleetwood (BWCS)
  • Reditech
  • NSM

Let 3PS help you get through the learning curve for your new line more quickly and efficiently.