Almost any task can be viewed as a project, but we tend to save that title for major tasks with a specific budget and time frame, tasks that have a large enough time frame and budget to require the formation of a project team with a clearly specified goal and schedule. Whether your project is large or small, 3PS can offer project services specifically tailored to your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in realising your project goals and objectives.

Project Management

If you are considering outsourcing the Project Management role , 3PS can provide expert management of your project. With many years of experience in a variety of projects around the world, 3PS can develop your project from the Planning stage, through to final acceptance. Guiding and assisting your chosen project team at each stage, using proven procedures and protocols we can ensure that your project deliverables are achieved on-time and on budget. We can assist with:

  • Process Improvement Projects.
  • Major Overhauls / Rebuilds.
  • Line Upgrades / Conversions.
  • Line Relocations
  • Greenfield Installations.

Small or large, each project is equally important to its stake-holders, and therefore equally important to 3PS. Your successful project is our successful project too.

Talk to us about your project plans and requirements in confidence. We are committed to your projects success.

Project Consultancy

The key to managing a successful project is in the attention to detail. If you are planning to execute a project, we can offer expert advice and assistance  from concept through the planning / development phases, to execution and completion. We can help you ensure that common pitfalls are avoided and the full technical scope of the project is clearly understood and planned for.

We can assist with:

  • Development of appropriate procedures and protocols.
  • Technical evaluation of proposed capital equipment.
  • Line Layout evaluation.
  • Electrical and control system specifications and inter processor communications

Each manufacturer will build their equipment in isolation, and provide minimal (if any) provision for interlocking and communications unless specific details are provided in the customer specification. For effective communications between the equipment inyour proposed line it is not only advisable to specify make and model of the PLCs and HMIs but even the appropriate revision of software utilised for programming. 

3PS, with its background in automation, can advise and assist you in ensuring that your supply specification is complete and robust enough to ensure that all suppliers include appropriate interlocks and communication protocols.