Look Here For News Relating To 3PS, Our Projects And Forthcoming Developments.

October 2019

Working with Crown Engineering Ltd. and Belvac Production Machinery on the development of their new Bodymaker. 

April 2019

Working with DesignPro Automation, bespoke machine builder to tier 1 Automotive and Medical Device Industries. 

January 2019

Supporting Greenbank Technologies and Ball Packaging Belgrade with installation and commissioning of a 3rd Can lineat their Facility in Belgrade

July 2018

Very successful project with IPS for TBC-Ball in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Reconfiguration of Vision systems for End Line, expanded into process support and installation oversight for line control upgrade, before moving in to Can Line to resolve long standing issue with Pressco CPX system and can internal inspection system. Good project and great results for a great team.

October 2017

Ongoing development work in Hamburg with Adelphi Automation and Novatech Engineering. Aerospace is proving to be a very interesting and promissing new sector for 3PS. The cross-fertilisation of ideas and technologies between sectors should generate some interesting results in the future. 

July 2017

Working with Adelphi Automation (UK) and Novatech Engineering (USA) on development and commissioning of an automated production line for Airbus Industries in Hamburg, Germany. A very interesting and exciting project to be involved in. 

March 2017

3PS is currently developing a custom tailored Program/Process/electrical training course for a client based in the middle east, focused on thier own applications and process. For us, this is an exciting new service opportunity, tailor made training courses matching not only the clients requirements, but their specific production machinery.

November 2016

3PS is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Alonso Consulting and Projects of Brazil. A team of Beverage Can professionals with a full and proven range of skills and experience. This allows us to field a full team of specialists for installation, start-up and related projects (including training).

Further information to follow.. 

July 2016

Congratulations to the Ardagh Group on their purchase of Divestco, making them the 3rd largest beverage canmaker in the world. They have acquired a remarkable amount of can and end making skill and experience with this purchase, and 3PS wish them success in their future endeavours.

April 18th - May 13th

Once again with RTC and the Rexam Chicago Can Plant for a back-end speed-up.

March 21st - March 31st

Rexam BCA, Birmingham AL End Plant. Re-configuration of plant network.

March 9th - March 20th

Rexam BCA Winston-Salem NC Can Plant Resolution of line control issues.

January 31st - March 7th

Rexam Chicago on a Can Line Reconfiguration along side Rexam Technical Centre and some of the most knowlegable and experienced Can Line People in the industry.

Very acceptable results in Chicago have led to further work with Rexam BCA

January 2016

A very good start to 2016 for 3PS, having forged ties with Integrated Packaging Solutions (IPS) of Wheat Ridge Colorado USA.

This has given 3PS the opportunity to work with Rexam Beverage Can Americas under the IPS Umbrella.