About 3PS

3PS is a new company, based in the Republic of Ireland, which has been formed to provide Project Management / Consultation, Programming and Process technical support / troubleshooting services to the beverage packaging, filling and related industries.

It's aim has been to provide a full range project, automation and process related skills and experience to the client, where and when it is needed most, be that OEM, Main contractor or End client.

Being based and registered in the Republic of Ireland, with it's favourable corporate tax rates and low operating overheads, allows for cost savings that can be passed on to our clients without compromising on quality or standards of service. 

With the establishment of a strategic partnerships with other companies in this sector we have the capability to offer a wide range of services to the  can manufacturing sector.

Founder and Technical Director

Andrew Littley has more than 30 years of experience in industry and roles from installation electrician to project manager, Most of which in the beverage can/end and beverage filling industries. He possesses extensive process experience in a production environment, not only in electrical / programing services but also in mechanical and process troubleshooting, as well as extensive project experience internationally.

He is proud to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many of the "industry greats" past and present. 

He considers life and work as learning opportunities and believes that each task represents the opportunity to both acquire and disseminate knowledge and experience.