Providing Project, Programming and Process Solutions primarily to the Beverage Packaging and filling industries Worldwide, our experience, both in programming and automation, and in conveying and packaging systems, translates directly to almost any packaging industry. With a focus on energy and production efficiency, our goal is to provide a range of client-centric project and technical support services to our customers to enable them to realise their efficiency and quality objectives.

With absolute commitment to client satisfaction and extensive experience of your manufacturing process, 3PS can offer you a wide range of services to assist you in attaining your project objectives or realising your productivity targets.

As of November 2016, a strategic partnership with Alonso Consulting & Projects, Brazil. A team of can making professionals with a full and proven skill set. This provides us with the ability to field a full team of specialists for installation/start-up and process support/improvement projects.

Project Management and Consulting Services

3PS can provide Project Management / Consulting services and Technical Support at all stages, from conceptualisation, through planning and implementation, to commissioning, acceptance trials and Start-up.

3PS is a newly formed company, but with more than 25 years of experience with projects in the Beverage Cans, Ends and Filling industries, we have the skills and experience to ensure that your Project meets all of its objectives.


Having been involved in the Beverage Can, End and Filling industries since 1988, 3PS has extensive experience with both old and new automation platforms from Rockwell automation (Allen Bradley) and Siemens. We can optimise your existing control systems, or upgrade them to the latest systems, integrating your control systems so that your production line realises its full potential. 

Significant gains in productivity can often be achieved by software modifications (changes to the control philosophy). Repeated short term stoppages are symptomatic of this.If this applies to your process, talk to us.  

Process Troubleshooting and Optimisation.

With extensive experience in a production environment, we are pleased to offer our services to assist you with process improvement projects. Optimisation of conveying/handling systems, line balancing and packaging systems.

We also offer technical assistance and training for production teams on new installations.The production ramp-up phase of any project is a learning experience. Let us discuss your requirements in advance

Machine Vision Inspection Systems

3PS have been involved with machine vision inspection systems since they began to appear in Beverage end manufacturing during the late 1980s.

With expert knowledge of these systems, especially Pressco's Interrogator and later Intellispec technologies (Including the latest series 5 systems) 3PS's experience in set-up and calibration of these systems is second to none. We can optimise these systems to your process and quality requirements quickly and efficiently.